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Apostolic Journals

Restoring the Five Fold Ministry

1 Peter 2:2 As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the Word 

Apostolic Christian Truth Series

A Paradigm Shift to Collegial Eldership: Accountability and Ethical Responsibility.  The power point presentation below was presented to the Regent University School of Global Leadership and should be considered as instructional for church pastors and leaders.  Click on the image or this link.

Church Leadership & Doctrine

The Called, Chosen and Faithful Leader

Leaders are made, not born.  While there may be differing views on what makes a leader, there appears to be consensus in all schools of leadership about this one fact.  Leadership is about influence and relationship.  Leadership does not exist without someone to lead and someone to follow.  The journal by Paul Davis was accepted for publication at the Education Research Information Center (ED506263 / June 2010) and is worth reading.
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Apostolic Journals

Restoring the Five Fold


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